Suzy Hawes

Before moving to New Zealand, Suzy had a solo career, and played with post-hippie folk group ‘The Sliding Scale Band’ mixing elements of Klezmer, Spiritual, and classic folk rock. Her solo act was heard in Baltimore street music venues, festivals and restaurants in the Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia areas. At Claymont, in West Virginia, Suzy attended many Guitar Craft Seminars, helping her to build a new relationship with herself and her music, in fact, laying the foundation for composing her own material.

After falling in love with an organic farmer from New Zealand, Suzy moved there and found new performance partners. She played in the duet ‘Kalliope’, as well as several incarnations of the band ‘Wish’, while balancing her music with motherhood and farm life. During this time she helped to organize the only Guitar Craft course to take place in New Zealand (so far). Suzy also became interested in the healing/balancing potential of the voice, studying with Ruth Weimar and Isabella Bates. She has gradually developed her own workshops and teaching style which celebrate voice, rhythm, and movement.(Please see "Workshops and Lessons" for more information). Suzy was a director and manager of Creative Journeys Ltd. from 1998-2006. Creative Journeys is a wonderful programme for adults with intellectual disabilities in which music and creativity play a major role.

"Strangely, I find that I have been the composer, director and band member for the music of eight Summer Shakespeare productions, and eight seasons of The Manawatu Festival of New Arts in Palmerston North, New Zealand. I have composed and recorded the music for one animated film, and am working on another.
In 2004, I released my first solo album ‘Paradise’. In 2006, I wrote and directed music for “The Bowler Hat” by Angie Farrow, performed at Bats Theatre for Fringe 2006 and for which I was a Chapman-Tripp Theatre Award nominee. In successve years I also wrote the music for two full length plays by Dr. Angie Farrow: "Before The Birds" and "The River". A member of “The Journey Band” since 2007, we performed in The 2007 Wellington Fringe Festival and released our “Searching” EP in 2009." (

I have co-facilitated four Creative Play-shops called "Let's Play" with my three sisters. During these workshop, we draw, paint, sing, move, and write in beautiful venues all over the world.. see .php